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“Business Automation is one of the most demanded skill in the market through which entrepreneurs can accelerate their growth and maximize the profits by implementing automation.”

Subilal K

Subilal K / Business Automation Coach

Main Benefits of Business Automation

Automation is the present and future way to do any business.

Business automation is the use of technology to automate the execution of repetitive tasks and activities wherever practicable and desirable in a business.

It saves cost, improves efficiency, and simplifies the whole business process. Automation can help you grow your client base by streamlining internal operations as well.

Maximize Productivity

Automation tools accomplish precise and labor-intensive tasks. It speeds up the process, so the work is completed faster and with less repetition.

Grow Business Profit

Automating the processes such as sales , marketing, follow-ups etc. can grow the business profits exponentially. No need to add more manpower or spend on other resources.

Cost reduction

Automation software reduces the cost of business operation significantly. Businesses can manage output without expanding their workforce, thus increasing profit margins.

Minimizes human errors

Human errors get eliminated, and processes become smoother than ever before, when the automation is on the job.

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What are the modules included?

Fundamentals of Business Automation

Anything and everything is going to be automated! Don't take our words, just open your eyes and see around. Learning the automation can help your business or career to turbo-boost to grow to the higher levels. Start immediately and get the advantage of first mover breed.

Implementation of Automation

Implementing automation in a business is a kind of art and not everyone can do that. This makes the demand of the experienced and qualified people in the market. Learning to implement the automation in a business is going to be your career breakthrough for a few decades from now.

Sales Automation

Sales Automation can help you increase the profits by improving the conversion rates and reducing the friction. It also helps in immediate follow-ups and recovering the lost deals etc. Means the efficiency of the sales team can be multiplied by implementing the system.

Marketing Automation

Consistent flow of leads is necessary to grow sales. Marketing Automation helps in acquiring new leads, in various methods, continuously and also helps in nurturing or qualifying the leads. Thus the sales conversions can happen better.

Franchising Automation

Franchising is a game of numbers. More leads you get, educate, qualify and convert, more are the chances of growth. Automating the franchising process, can increase the chances of identifying the eligible franchisees.

Lost Deal Recovery Automation

70-90% of the leads you take may not qualify to be sold or the sales doesn't happen due to various reasons. Lost Deal Recovery Automation can bring those leads back into the pipeline and then converted to sales. This is a need of all businesses.

Social Media Automation

Posting in the most engaged time of our social media, getting the latest and relevant topics from internet, getting reviews from existing customers, reaching out to the potential target audience and getting the leads can all be automated. This helps is saving a lot of time and get more leads.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and business growth goes hand-in-hand. Start learning SEO, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing etc to get more visibility and leads.

Who can join?


Any students out of graduation can learn for better placement.


Entrepreneurs who wants to automate their business.


Consultants can learn and implement for their clients.

digital marketer

Digital marketers can upgrade their services list.

Business Studio is an all-in-one platform for automating the core business functions sales, marketing, bookings, training, customer relations, websites, compliances etc. so that to achieve the maximum growth in less time. The research team at Business Studio keeps finding out the new automation processes to help businesses implement seamlessly.

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Business Automation Academy is the division of Business Studio to help seekers learn more about the automation processes both theoretically and technically to implement in businesses.


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